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Our Program Calendar for our 20th Anniversary year will focus on you, the amazing women who have made our organization and community so vibrant.  Adding to the excitement, we will be ZOOMING many of this year’s programs and celebrations!

We will launch our program year by welcoming and re-introducing our most recent Sedona Women (those who have joined since 2018) and getting everyone reacquainted!   Come join us as we gather in chat rooms to introduce ourselves and make new friends. We know that the best part of our meetings is seeing old friends and making new connections.  That’s why we’re devoting our first program to us.  Welcome back, everyone.

There may also be a special surprise from Sedona’s Mayor.

Sheltering in place got you down?  You’re not alone.  We’ll talk about resiliency skills and offer up some coping mechanisms to help get us through a pandemic.

We’ll recognize some special Sedona Women who have made a difference to first responders and others by putting their skills to unique use.

Sedona Women member and Arizona native, Victoria Clark will talk about her most recent book, a postcard history series, “Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon”.  Victoria will not only share some of her postcard collection with us, but we’ll also talk about our area’s unique history.

So you want to write a book!  Join us as a panel of published Sedona Women share stories and offer lessons learned in a program simply titled “How to Write a Book”.

In addition to our panel, we will also be recognizing our published members.  Look for a notice in upcoming announcements so that we can be sure to include you and your latest works.

How we make a difference.  We will be highlighting our service activities, charities and scholars.

The opioid Crisis in the Verde Valley and the impact of the Covid19 pandemic.  This program has been in the planning stages for three years.  Our program was cancelled due to the pandemic last year.  We feel the updated content is so relevant and important that we’re including it again this year.

THE  CELEBRATION!  Sedona Women Founder, Helen Wolfe will join us to talk about our founding and the earliest days of TSW.  We will be recognizing our founding board members and our past presidents.  In addition to sharing stories about our past, we’ll also be interested in getting your thoughts about our future.

Brian David Johnson, Professor of Practice at Arizona State University’s School for the Future of Innovation in Society and a Futurist and Fellow at Frost & Sullivan, a visionary innovation company that’s focused on growth, will speak to TSW about life after COVID 19.  How can we expect our lives to be changed?   Mr. Johnson will be offering his thoughts and insights.

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