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The sedona Women - Making a Difference
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The Sedona Women Board

 (L-R): Aleya Annaton, Rosemary Anderson, Becky Griffin, Helen Jarnes (front), Liz Menkes (back), Meri Thomason, Cindy Mascone, Criquette Clark, Jane Dasher, Paula Harvey; Not Pictured: Hollace Davids, Pam Delay, Shanandoah Sterling.

The Sedona Women Board of Directors 2023-2024

List of Officers - 2023-2024

Helen Jarnes - President
Hollace Davids - Vice President
Meri Thomason - Secretary
Jane Dasher - Treasurer
Paula Harvey - Past President 

 List of Committees and Chair/Board Member – 2023-2024

Note:  Committee Co-Chairs are not Board Members

  Cindy Mascone - Chair/Board Member
Cindy Correll - Co-Chair

Community Service 
Pam DeLay - Chair/Board Member
Diane Troianello - Co-Chair

Liz Menkes - Chair/Board Member

Diana Ditmanson - Co-Chair

Hollace Davids - Chair/Board Member

Vacant - Co-Chair

Public Relations
Vacant - Chair/Board Member
Vacant - Co-Chair

Becky Griffin - Chair/Board Member

Catherine Moore - Co-Chair

Aleya Annaton - Chair/Board Member 
Vacant - Co-Chair

Criquette Clark - Chair/Board Member

Sue Shannon - Co-Chair

Ways & Means
Paula Harvey - Chair/Board Member

Vacant - Co-Chair

Rosemary Anderson - Chair/Board Member

Pat Priore - Co-Chair

The Sedona Women 
PO Box 405
Sedona, AZ 86339

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