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The sedona Women - Making a Difference
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Monthly Program List

The Sedona Women
Program List 2022-2023

9/14       High Fashion Art in Sedona – Jackie Doyle McCarthy got her first job at Neiman Marcus out of college and went on to become a prestigious fashion artist, winning numerous awards. Fifty-four of her illustrations are archived in the Boston Museum of Art. Jackie will discuss her profession and her interesting life as a fashion artist. 

10/12     What’s Going on with Culture in Sedona? -  This program offers energetic presentations about the great wealth of cultural opportunities in Sedona. Speakers are Sue Buffum (Verde Valley Sinfonietta), Patrick Schweiss (Sedona International Film Festival), Julie Richard (Sedona Arts Center), Brynn Unger (Chamber Music of Sedona) and Camilla Ross (Emerson Arts Collaborative and the Arts Academy of Sedona). 

11/9       Celebrating Sedona’s Women Veterans - This November veteran’s program will feature Jennifer Brehler, Camilla Ross and Michele Zahner who will talk about their experiences as United States military veterans. 

12/14     Digital Film in Hollywood. - Jeff Pierce owns a patient on a digital film process. Jeff will describe how digital film has changed the movie industry and reflect on his many years in digital film.

1/11       Genealogy…How to Trace Your Roots – Genealogy is a hot topic these days with many families tracing their ancestry. Linda Starr is a local expert on the subject and will talk about how it’s done. Providing more information on this subject, Linda Goldenstein will speak about her ancestry and her family’s heritage in the Verde Valley going back 100 years.

2/8         All About Hummingbirds – The International Hummingbird Society’s headquarters is in the Village of Oak Creek. There is a lot to learn about these tiny travelers and Executive Director, Beth Kingsley Hawkins, is just the person to inform our members about this special bird and answer questions.

3/8         Comedy Improv with Shaeri Richards - Learn the nuances of improv comedy, along with the history and what makes it special. Leave inhibitions at the door and try out improv. A fun, no judgement comedy experience. 

4/12       A Day Just for Me

5/10 Not Just a Quiet Space — the Sedona Community and the Library of the Future - The Sedona Women’s May 10, 2023, program features Sedona Public Library (SPL) Director Judy Poe. The Sedona Public Library was established in 1958 — thirty years before the City of Sedona was incorporated. Judy will share this history and how it has grounded the library in the community ever since. She will describe the many resources and services offered by the library of today (some may surprise you!) and layout an exciting vision for the library of the future. Come learn how SPL is reaching beyond offering the traditional library collections and services to become a lively and enriching space at the heart of the community.

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