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The sedona Women - Making a Difference
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The Sedona Women Committees

The Sedona Women make a difference through our many wonderful Committees.  Committee work is fun and rewarding and you meet so many fabulous gals!

Below you will find a description of each Committee followed by the names of the current chairs.  If you have an interest in volunteering for a committee simply go to our How You Can Help page and fill out the form. You may also contact any of our Committee Chairs.  They are listed in our membership directory.

Communications Committee
Chair:  Cindy Mascone

The Communications Committee is responsible for getting information out to our members in a variety of ways including, e-mail, our website and via local publications.  The job of informing members of meetings, events and special news items in a clear, positive and timely manner is absolutely vital to the organization and requires that this committee works very closely with each other and with all other committees and Board members. 

This committee is responsible for maintaining and updating the website and works closely with the Treasurer and Membership Committee to maintain an up to date e-mail distribution list. 

The Webmaster, Email Coordinator and PR Coordinator work closely with the Chairs and Members of the other committees to insure that information is communicated in a timely and accurate fashion.  This is a great committee for members with technical skills who enjoy communicating with our members and the community. 

Community Service  
Chair: Pam DeLay

Community Service is an integral part of The Sedona Women's mission, and over the years this Committee has accomplished an impressive list of projects (please see the Community Service History page). We guide the organization toward its goal of “Making a Difference." 

This Committee oversees the selection and implementation of worthwhile community service projects authorized by The Sedona Women Board, ensuring that projects support the mission of the organization and guidelines of the Committee. 

The Committee encourages the general membership to participate in these events. Close bonds are formed between members of the Committee, and all our volunteers walk away with the satisfaction that they have helped make Sedona and the Verde Valley a better place. Members of The Sedona Women can easily join in the fun by noting their interest on the Membership Form, or by clicking the 
Volunteer link on our website. 

Membership Committee 
Chair:  Liz Menkes

The Membership Committee coordinates new, renewing and current members. The Committee is responsible for staffing the Membership Table at monthly meetings where information and forms are available for new members to join, returning members to renew their membership and guests to register for the meeting.  The committee maintains files of current membership forms and coordinates with “Membee” (a membership management system). The Committee is responsible for training new and current members on how to access the directory.   They provide reports on member information to the “TSW” Board. The committee provides information to Committee Chairs who have expressed interest in serving on their committees.  Additionally, the Committee is responsible for overseeing and sending the Annual Membership Mailing in August of each year. 

Program Committee  
Chair:  Hollace Davids

The Program Committee is ideal for women who are creative, inquisitive and fun loving.  Its mission is to decide on nine or ten inspiring, thoughtful, interactive, informative and fun programs for the upcoming year.  It is comprised of five to ten members including a Chair or Co-chairs.  

The Committee meets once a month at a regularly scheduled time.  The program calendar runs from September thru May.  However, the Committee begins meeting in January to start their planning.  At these meetings, all members of the Committee share their ideas for programs for the upcoming year.  As a group they decide which programs they will present to the Board of Directors for approval in April.  

After a slate of programs has been approved, by the Boardthe fun begins!  The Committee finds a person or persons from the general membership to head up each program.  Often one of the Program Committee members will want to team lead one of the programs because she either presented it or finds it to be of personal interest to her.  The team leader for a program puts together her own team to create and execute the program.  Each program will have a member of the Program Committee as a liaison.  The liaison is a support person and will bring any concerns, problems or needs back to the Program Committee or to the Board if necessary.  Through the liaison, the  Program Committee monitors all programs to assure a successful and smooth execution of the program.  

Becoming a member of the Program Committee is one of the best ways to meet and get to know other women.  In addition to being of tremendous fun and a use of your creative juices, it is a terrific way to bring your passions and interests to all The Sedona Women. 

Public Relations Committee
Chair:  Vacant

It’s important to keep our community informed of the remarkable work The Sedona Women engage in throughout the year. The Public Relations Committee works in close coordination with TSW committees such as Programs, Community Service and others to keep the public informed of upcoming events as well as past accomplishments through press releases and other media outreach. Media outlets may include SRRN, KUDOS, Chamber of Commerce, Sedona.Biz, local radio and more. Is the public aware of the remarkable work we do as The Sedona Women? Help us spread the word!

Scholarship Committee  
Chair: Becky Griffin

The Scholarship Committee has the rewarding job of reviewing applications and recommending final candidates for the Helen Wolfe Scholarship each year. The scholarships are awarded to women whose careers have been interrupted and who are planning to resume their education. Our committee notifies various Arizona colleges and vocational schools of the scholarship availability and also gets the word out about the scholarship in the Verde Valley area by distributing flyers to libraries, local stores and businesses, as well as contacting local newspapers. Once applications are received, the committee reviews each one and selects the most qualified candidates. The committee’s recommendations are then taken to the board for final approval in May of each year.  The committee contacts each applicant personally after final scholarship recipients are chosen.

Social Committee  
Chair:  Aleya Annaton

The Social Committee makes arrangements for luncheons after the general meetings at a variety of local restaurants. In February, in lieu of a lunch at a restaurant, the committee plans 10 or so in-home lunches securing hostesses to open their homes for these intimate events.

In late August the committee secures a hostess for a welcome back party that includes a theme with decorations.

The committee is responsible for planning an end of the meeting-year party in May and several other cocktail parties. The committee secures members to host these events and helps with setup and cleanup. 

The committee is also responsible for planning any other socials during the year.

Trips Committee  
Chair:  Criquette Clark

The trip committee might possibly be the most fun of all the committees. It is responsible for selecting and organizing the two to three day trips and one day adventures. Committee members should have good computer skills, organizational skills, great people skills, negotiation skills, a willingness to go on the trips and a love for travel and adventure. If you possess one or more of these skills please consider joining our trips committee. 

Ways & Means Committee
Chair:  Paula Harvey

Ways and Means combines creativity, philanthropy, and camaraderie to raise funds for the Helen Wolfe Scholarship Fund and for community service activities.  We plan about three fundraisers/events during the year and welcome organizers, creative thinkers, and worker bees.  While Ways and Means is critical to achieving TSW’s philanthropic goals, we equally embrace the friendships created in the process.

Welcoming Committee
Chair:  Rosemary Anderson

The Welcoming Committee is the first contact to greet members and guests at The Sedona Women monthly program meetings. Welcoming works closely with the Membership Committee to direct guests to register for the meeting and provide information to those wishing to join as a new member.  We welcome attendees as they enter and we help everyone find their name badge or temporary guest tag. We accompany new members and guests into the meeting room and introduce them to others. We provide information about that meetings program and format. We order new badges as needed throughout the year. We schedule and organize a New Member Orientation twice a year, as needed.

If your goal is to meet other women, this is a committee you may want to consider!

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